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Echoing Green – Meet the Finalists

By Harriet Joynes, Chief Operating Officer, Support Center

500 plus people packed into Credit Suisse to meet and hear from ten of the 25 Echoing Green 2010 finalists.  Starting from 1,000 applicants, these finalists made it though three rounds of rigorous review and have honed their 90 second pitch to be quite compelling.

Harriet Joynes

Harriet Joynes

In 90 seconds we were convinced to invest in Reality TV in Afghanistan, bio-char for small farmers in Liberia, real food in US Cafeterias, active democracy participation in US high schools and much more – they all seemed like winning propositions and all were already up and runnning. TIP: every finalist brought a prop to illustrate their story – very effective.

Charlie Rose from City Year maintained a fast and entertaining pace as MC.  Cheryl Dorsey, President of Echoing Green, noted that the audience had doubled since last year and grown 10 fold in ten years.

The audience comprised an interesting mix of 400+ including host committee tables of new supporters, past fellows and reviewers + 120 mostly young people from the nonprofit sector – I hung out with graduating Coro fellows, and folks from Public Allies and IMentor.  The evening left me feeling engaged, energized and optimistic.

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