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Job Hunting as an AmeriCorps *VISTA

September 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Andrea Dispenza

Andrea Dispenza recently participated in NYC Life After AmeriCorps *VISTA, sharing her story about making the transition from AmeriCorps to job hunting in NYC.

Life After *VISTA provides currents VISTAs with:
• A clearer understanding of the marketable skills that VISTA builds
• Strategies for translating VISTA experience into résumé language
• Resources for career exploration, job searches, educational opportunities, travel, continuing in the service field
• Connections to the national network of AmeriCorps Alums

The event was facilitated by Ben Nowell, a Support Center Volunteer Facilitator, and hosted in partnership with Corporation for National Community and the NYC Coalition Against Hunger.

There were eight stations where current VISTAs could hear from “experts from the experts.”

Andrea Dispenza and Frances Wood, both former VISTAs with the NYC Coalition Against Hunger,  had a particularly popular station, Job Hunting as an AmeriCorps Member: Where to Look & How to Tap Your Connections, because current VISTAs could really see themselves in them.

AmeriCorps *VISTA

They said talking to Andrea and Frances made them feel better about where they are now in their lives and also greatly expanded the options they were considering.

Most were just thinking that if they did not get a job at the site where they were serving, they didn’t know what else they would do.

Now they are thinking about other options and feel empowered by the experience they’re getting during their VISTA year.  They see the many places their current work could lead.


Keeping up with Technology

September 14, 2010 Leave a comment

The good news – there are lots of great new technology and social networking resources.
The tricky news – which ones are the best solutions for your nonprofit?

Here are the ones we are using:

Salesforce nonprofit edition + apps
To manage our database – we are on a learning curve and have bought Salesforce for Dummies!

RegOnline: As an app of salesforce, this provides online registration for our workshops

ApplicantStack: A database to upload resumes for our Executive Search & Transition Management services

Google Apps & Docs: We just started using this to manage our Room Rental availabiilty

Microsoft Expressions: Manage our website

Linkedin: Network with our volunteer facilitators

Twitter: Communicate up to the minute news

Constant Contact: A tool to deliver our E-News and workshop discounts

Wordress: Moving the Needle: Our point of view on capacity building, resources, partner activities, and more!

We would love to hear back from you about:

  • What technology you use and love and why
  • Are you migrating to cloud technology, if so what?
  • What email platform do you use?  We are still with outlook exchange but looking at other options

Please respond!

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