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12 Keys to Successful Nonprofit Turnarounds

By Don Crocker, CEO/Executive Director

Don Crocker

Unfortunately, in the recent challenges posed by a difficult economic environment, many organizations find themselves in difficult, sometimes “crisis” situations where they need to decide a course of action designed to “turn around” the organization.

Many people ask, “What are the key elements needed to move the organization in a better, more sustainable, more practical direction?” Here are some thoughts:

  1. Someone must lead
  2. The leader must have a plan and a “team”
  3. The leadership team must engage with the plan
  4. You must focus on today and tomorrow, not yesterday
  5. You cannot exclusively “save” your way to organizational health
  6. Tough decisions must be made quickly, but with respect and thoughtfulness
  7. Marketing at this stage is about relationships and communication, not just brochures and advertisements
  8. There must be a lead spokesperson, all must be “on message,” and the message must be positive
  9. Fund raising must be focused, realistic, and targeted to the larger donors and/or grantmakers
  10. The board must allow itself to be restructured
  11. Organization restructuring must be an option
  12. The organization must have the discipline to follow each of these rules

The Support Center helps nonprofit organization in a turnaround situations.

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