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Custom Training for Your Staff, Board, or Grantees

Custom Training at the Support Center brings our expertise to you, the way you want it. We offer a diverse selection of workshops customized to meet the unique needs of your staff, board, grantees or member agencies.  Benefits include:

  • Team building. Training together can build consensus among teams or departments.  Participants who learn together can support one another in problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Increased job satisfaction.  Send a message to your staff that you are willing to invest in their success as nonprofit professionals and enhance the culture of your workplace.
  • Targeted outcomes.  You get to work with the consultant in shaping the content of the workshop(s) to ensure that the outcomes match your goals.
  • More for your money.  We can train up to 30 participants at a fraction of what it would cost to send them to public trainings.

All workshops are facilitated by experts in their fields, and are interactive and participatory in nature.  We use adult learning techniques such as interactive exercises, role-play, and case studies, to maximize the likelihood of significant skill transfer and to increase the benefit to the participants and your organization.  The sessions also tap into the experience and wisdom that is brought to the workshops by the participants, enabling significant peer learning within the workshop process.

For more information about the Support Center’s Custom Training program, contact Janice L. Shapiro, Director of Professional Development, at 917-522-8302 or jshapiro@supportcenteronline.org.

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