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Learning: The Key to Individual and Organizational Success

September is a perfect time for a fresh start and the Support Center is the perfect place to begin one.  Each year at this time, I remember buying a brand new notebook for school and thumbing through it in anticipation of all the notes and ideas that would fill those blank pages.  Those days are not gone!  You can feel the same excitement by registering  for one of our Certificate Programs.

Great leaders at all levels are those with a commitment to life-long learning in its many forms.  Research has shown that adults learn best when they can apply what they learn to real life situations.   By now, many of us know that years at college and the accumulation of degrees have not always prepared us for the challenges we face every day in our nonprofit workplaces.   Enrolling in a Support Center Certificate Program is one cost and time-effective method to continue learning and improve your ability to meet the demands of your job and the needs of your nonprofit.

This month we are proud to launch the Support Center’s enhanced Certificate Programs in Leadership and Supervision, Fundraising, and Executive Leadership. Today’s nonprofit climate requires much more targeted expertise to respond to constant change.  And our Certificate Programs are now more flexible to allow you to create a curriculum to suit your interests and at the same time, add a significant credential to your resume.  Because fees are based on a sliding scale, they are also affordable to most nonprofits and individuals.

We want to thank all of our funders who contribute to our professional development programs—some through scholarships and general support, others by supporting peer learning in cohorts, and still others by supporting customized training for their grantees.

In today’s E-News, Janet Waterston, facilitator of many of the Leadership and Supervision Certificate Program courses provides us with powerful tips on supervision, and Aimee Covo, Fundraising Certificate participant speaks out on her positive experiences with the program!

Take a step towards your own professional development.  It’s the perfect time of the year to get those feet out of the sand and onto the escalator!

Janice L. Shapiro

Director, Professional Development

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