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Making the Most Out of the Facebook Timeline for Nonprofits

The launch of the new Facebook Timeline for nonprofits will make sharing information, highlighting important events and connecting with supporters easier and more effective than ever. While posting may be easy, the hard part is creating exciting content for your new page. Here are some of our favorite resources for making the most of your Facebook timeline and creating content for social media.

Facebook Timeline  

Both of the articles below give great insight into how you can use and add value to your timeline. One helpful tip we like is using the new ‘milestones’ feature to highlight important events in your organization’s history.

Facebook Timeline for Nonprofit Organizations    

Message It: Making the Most of Your New Facebook Page  

Content Creation  

These resources provide insight on how to create compelling content for all of your communications.

DIY Social Media Management

This post by Amy Sample Ward gives examples and templates of several tools, including  editorial calendars and content maps, that can be used to manage your social media.

Are You Content Creation Impaired? Some Tips & Resources

We love this post on content creation from Beth Kanter, especially this great infographic and the ‘Crawl, Walk, Run and Fly’ model.

Playbook Guide: YouTube For Good

The second fastest growing category on Youtube is Nonprofits and Activism! Youtube’s ‘playbook for good’ is a great guide to creating well-branded videos that tell the story of your organization.

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