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March Tweets

We have been doing a lot of reading this month, and here are a few articles that stood out to us. Please let us know what you found interesting.
It’s time for change, through the Activism’s Future campaign launched by North Star Fund.
A case study conducted by the Nonprofit Finance Fund prompted a few pointers on nonprofit collaborations.
A decision to concentrate on multiyear grants, the Jim Joseph Foundation considers that it’s more effective to achieve goals. What do you think?
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December – Tweet for Thought

December Tweets

We have been doing a lot of reading this month, and here are a few articles that stood out to us. Please let us know what you found interesting.

Why Nonprofits Should Use Pinterest
Read about how the newest social media – Pinterest – can benefit your organization.

11 Tough Truths that Every Great Leader Knows
Great insights by Deirdre Maloney, on what great leaders should know.

6 Steps to Sharing a Laugh That Connects in Your Nonprofit Writing
Laughter is said to be the best medicine. Read Getting Attention on how humor can contribute to your writing.

October Tweets For Thought

We have been doing a lot of reading this month, and here are a few articles that stood out to us. Please let us know what you found interesting.

Success Factors in Nonprofit Mergers 
A new multi-year study focuses on the factors that lead to successful nonprofit mergers. It also analyses what happens after a merger is implemented.

Are Most Leaders Replaceable?
According to Harvard Business School’s Gautam Mukunda’s new book, all leaders are replaceable. What do you think?

New LinkedIn Services for Nonprofits.
This new free service, called Board Connect, helps nonprofits recruit board members.

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July Tweets for Thought

Changing operating culture leads to turnaround for Washington Organization

Read about how new staff management practices and other innovative ideas were able to help turn around the Young Playwrights’ Theater in DC.

What to Expect Now That the Supreme Court Has Upheld Obama’s Health Care Law

An insightful article from Nonprofit Quarterly highlighting five ways the Supreme Court decision may affect nonprofit organizations.

7 Must-Haves for Nonprofits Planning to Scale

Building capacity to support scaling programs is essential to success. Nonprofit expert Geri Stengel discusses seven of the best ways nonprofits can build capacity while scaling their programs.

Nonprofits Need More Help Recruiting the Right Board Members

Rick Moyers suggests that instead of mainly focusing on helping board members better understand their roles, organizations should first focus on finding the right board members.

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Tweets for Thought

We learned something new from each of these articles, and think you will too. Please share your thoughts on our blog.

Jack Shakely, the president emeritus of the California Community Foundation, says that the percentage of an organization’s budget dedicated to administrative costs should not determine the effectiveness of the organization.

10 Ways To Launch Board Recruitment

This piece, which is part of the Laramie Board Project’s ’10 Ways’ series provides very useful ideas on successful board recruitment.

Which Social Network Should You Use – And When?

Great infographic from Zinto about the users of social media. A quick tool to use to gauge the right social media platform for your constituents and donors!

David Rock’s article on why having a fresh mind makes us more likely to tackle tough problems should encourage you to take a vacation this summer!

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April Tweets for Thought

Mergers, capacity building and organizational learning are always on our minds here at the Support Center. Here are three tweets we found this month that we’d like to share on these subjects. Please let us know your thoughts on our blog.

The Most Important Word for Nonprofits: Merger

Robert Egger discusses the five levels of mergers.

What We Talk About When We Talk About  Organizational Learning

This guest post on Beth Kanter’s blog by Cindy Rizzo came out of conversations at the 2012 Geo National Conference.

How Foundations Support Grantees and more with Doug Bauer, Executive Director, Clark Foundation

An insightful interview by Laura Cronin for the PhilanTopic blog.

November Tweets for Thought

Social media, management and capacity building were hot topics on our twitter feed this month! Here are a few of our favorites that focus on how to build the capacity of your organization as well as building your capacity to excel at your work.

Please leave a comment about what you think about these articles, or let us know what you have been reading about this month!

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